Mirrored Loudspeakers

 di Mario Bon

11 febbraio 2012


A pair of speakers can be mirrored or not mirrored. A mirrored pair can be arranged in two or three ways, and this variation may cause some doubt.




Unmirrored: greater amount of early reflections from the right wall. The center channel, reproduced by the tweeter, is shifted to the left while the bass plays in the center. The left and right speakers are interchangeable. This is the worst situation.


Mirrorerd Pair:  minimum side Reflections (equal to the right and left).The image tends to be confined between the two speakers.Central channel in the center


Mirroredr Pair: maximum lateral reflections (equal to the right and left).The image tends to expand iorizontaly. central channel to the center


Rotated-Mirrorerd Pair: as above but arranged orizontaly.In this case the specularity is even more important. Regarding the lateral reflections  consider the previous cases.


Symmetrical pair: left and right speakers are interchangeable. The amount of lateral reflections is modulated by turning the speakers towards the listening position (trim). Central channel in the center. A symmetrical pair is always mirrored.


To ensure a correct reconstruction of Spatiality (horizontal position of the virtual sources) the speaker pair must be mirrored or symmetrical and placed with a certain symmetry in the environment.


Speakers with two axes of symmetry: if the system is "two and a half way" to put the woofer at the top or bottom might change the image height. If the system is a pure two-way (d'Appolito configuration) the speaker has two true axes of symmetry.



A typical center channel. T this is a d'Appolito but it was done before d'Appolito was born.



Tebaldi, Malibran and Caruso Models are mirror pairs with the woofers on one side. Opera recommends to place the speakers so that the woofers are inside. This does not exclude the possibility to arrange with woofers outside (if you like)




Opera Prima, 2006 model. Two-way reflex, front fireing duct. Mirrored pairi. Picture on the left: recommended arrangement.


This arrangement promotes lateral reflections.






Opera Mezza. Two-way reflex , back fireing tuning duct. Symmetrical pair There is no left or right speaker.


The Opera loudspeakers are all symmetrical or mirrored.