Opera Centrale 2007


Opera Centrale is the central channel of the "Classic Line". It is a two-way speaker about 12 liters, reflex loaded, that can be used on a stand or a shelf. It uses the same components used on the Grand Mezza and Mezza which is the natural completamento. Opera Centrale has a very smooth frequency response, high sensitivity and good tone and is ideal for use in combination with all the Classic Line  speakers of which incorporates aesthetics, materials and finishes. The cabinet is made of MDF shaped with rounded corners, veneered with real wood and finely painted. The front panel is covered in leather that, in addition to the aesthetic function, ensures airtight for the loudspeakers. the front panel of the cabinet, as usual for Opera, is wide enough to accommodate the speakers for optimum vertical dispersion and excellent transient response. The reflex duct, located on the rear panel, allows you to place the speaker on a shelf. The internal volume of the box is filled with a good amount of acrylic  absorbent material controlling the Q factor of the cabinet and minimizeing internal reflections. In designing the "Classica Serie", particular attention was paid to the electrical impedance of the speaker. In particular we wanted to ensure a loading condition compatible with any type of amplifier. To achieve this the minimum impedance were kept within the limits of DIN regulation: the minimum impedance of the Centrale is higher than 3.2 ohms. The cross-over of the Centrale uses a classical topology with 12 dB per octave slope. The transition frequency is fixed at about 2300 Hz and the sensitivity is more than 90 dB (2.83 volts at 1 meter). Opera Centrale has been designed to be placed on the shelf or on a stand (available on request) and can be positioned above or below the screen (plasma or LCD). In any case we do not recommend placing the speaker too close to corners of the environment. With the speakers on stands is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm. from the side walls. 





Su stand o scaffale – Bass Reflex , condotto posteriore

Finiture: legno e pelle


2 woofer 5” in polimero trasparente


1 tweeter con cupola da 1” pollice in seta, ferrofluido, camera di decompressione 

Numero di vie


Frequency response

50 -20000 Hz 


Su circuito stampato


12 dB/octave per il woofer  


12 dB/octave per il tweeter


Frequenza di  Cross-over 2300 Hz circa

Potenza Massima

140 watt RMS

Amplificatore consigliato

A partire da 10-15 Watt RMS


89 dB/2.83 Volt/1 metro

Impedenza Nominale

4 ohm (Zmin > 3.2 ohm)

Posizione in Ambiente

A scaffale o stand







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